1250 Niagara Street benefits from Erie County’s Storefront Revitalization Grant Program

Last month, I posted on Park Edge Sweet Shoppe, which was the beneficiary of Erie County’s Storefront Revitalization Grant Program. Since that time, I have learned about a number of other projects that have benefitted from the Revitalization Grant Program, including Wildroot Floral and Daddy‘s Plants, which are both located at 1250 Niagara Street, in a building that is owned by Bill Breeser. The storefronts were the recipients of new doors, and windows that overlook the building’s parking lot.

“Additionally, Local Honey, across the street, received an Erie county Storefront grant for an ADA ramp which we are progressing on,” said Breeser.

In recent years, Breeser has been working diligently on building out (and filling) a plethora of structures along Niagara Street, which has contributed to the rebirth of the street. Erie County’s Grant Program has provided an additional incentive for Breeser to continue on with his own investments into his buildings. Those investments have yielded Mortalis Brewing Company, Beulah’s Diner, Raft of Sanity, Mint Cocktails & Kitchen, Twin Petrels, and Veterans One-stop Center at 1255 Niagara Street, among others. Veterans One-stop Center is Breeser’s latest tenant to occupy a space in one of his buildings. The Center recently held its first ever Reboot Campaign, which saw local artists paint unbelievably beautiful works of art on pairs of boots for a fundraising initiative.

The addition of the windows and doors on the south side of the 1250 Niagara Street building not only contributes to the aesthetic of the building, but also the enhanced functionality for its inhabitants. Often times, without grant incentives of this nature, these types of stepped up commercial improvements never occur. When they do, they act as catalysts for additional investments down the road.

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