2023 Witches Ball: The Psychic Lounge Hosted by Mason Winfield

Buffalo Rising’s premier Halloween event, The Witches Ball, renowned for its array of mystical and magical experiences will once again welcome guests to the Statler Hotel on Saturday, October 28 from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Over the past decade, the Witches Ball has solidified its position as one of Buffalo’s most anticipated annual events. This gathering, spread over five stages and hosting 2,000 attendees, showcases an impressive array of local talent, with musicians, DJs, dancers, psychics, and performing artists.

Returning this year to the event will be The Psychic Lounge hosted by author and historian, Mason Winfield, who says:

I’ve long said that the psychic gifts, should they be truly valid, ought to be seen like the liberal arts or athletics; that is, that they are human talents subject to all the moods and swings of human nature. Expecting the psychic arts to behave like mathematics is a mistake that will not help the understanding of them–or the appreciation of a potentially transcendent experience such as could be presented at The Psychic Lounge of The Witches’ Ball.

Mason Winfield

Adding at the Witches Ball, “a psychic reading in the midst of the urban, Eyes Wide Shut–Bacchanalia that is Buffalo’s hottest Halloween celebration may seem counterintuitive, but the clash of moods and perceptions can often be fertile. We’ve managed to find some still space in the vast Statler on in which the quieter spirits may come. A cast of the Niagara’s psychic luminaries will be there with us.”

Winfield encourages attendees to embrace the unpredictability and revel in the wondrous experiences that await them at The Psychic Lounge.

This year’s Psychic Lounge boasts a remarkable lineup:

Rev. Marion Dupuis, affectionately known as “Reverend Bunny”, is a stalwart of the Lounge. Her insights, rooted in deep compassion, provide guidance and clarity to those she reads.

The veteran duo, Reverend John and his partner Jeanne from the association Alchemy of Spirits, are not just participants but have been instrumental in organizing The Lounge for several years.

Kristie London, or “The Blue-Eyed Empath”, returns this year, melding her psychic mediumship skills with the insights of a reiki master.

Amanda Coughlin, a spiritual life coach and psychic medium, utilizes the wisdom of tarot to offer multidimensional readings.

Introducing Rev. Cairn Ludwig-Collins, she’s grounded in the traditions but brings fresh, modern insights, proving that this is not just another Victorian séance.

Making her debut is Mama Dar, the angel-healer whose sessions aim for a transcendent connection between the human and spiritual realms.

Lastly, while not offering readings, the team from Niagara Frontier Paranormal will be on hand to discuss their ghost-hunting experiences, philosophies, and pursuits. With a pragmatic approach, this seasoned group combines surveillance techniques with intellectual rigor.

So, whether you’re a skeptic, a believer, or just curious, The Psychic Lounge promises an enlightening experience. Embrace the mysterious, celebrate the ethereal, and delve deep into your psyche amidst Buffalo’s most bewitching night.

Join us at the Witches Ball 2023, where the unknown becomes known and the veil between worlds becomes just a little thinner.

Buffalo Rising’s Witches Ball: Fantasma – Spectres of the Past
Saturday, October 28, 2023 @ The Statler Hotel | Buffalo, NY
Tickets: $50 | $60 at the door
VIP: $185 per person


Follow the event on social media at @BuffaloRisingEvents for updates and sneak peeks into the night’s festivities.

See you there, you gorgeous ghosts!  

Guests must enter through the Genesee Street doors. The Delaware doors will be EXIT ONLY. This event is for ages 21 & up. Must have a valid form of ID to enter.

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