7 officers injured during 2 incidents at Collins Correctional Facility

COLLINS, N.Y. (WIVB)–Two assaults’ that occurred in consecutive days at Collins Correctional Facility left seven officers injured, including one who suffered multiple cuts to his head and face when an inmate attacked him with a makeshift weapon.

The first incident happened Friday where six officers were attacked by three inmates. Officials say an officer caught an inmate smoking in the bathroom and refused to put out his cigarette.  Another officer came to assist and they took the inmate out into the corridor to be frisked. 

Once there, two inmates exited the dorm, approached the two officers and attacked them, with one striking an officer in the chest with his shoulder, head-butting him, and knocking him to the ground.  The inmate was brought to the ground and handcuffs were applied.  The second inmate continued to advance on both officers.  They grabbed him in a body hold and were able to get handcuffs on him. 

The inmate who originally was ordered into the corridor to be frisked came off the wall and struck one of the officers three times in the face and started hitting one in the leg. Additional staff arrived at the scene and assisted in getting the inmate under control and into handcuffs.

Three officers needed to be treated at a local hospital for shoulder and hand pain, facial and neck pain, nauseous and blurred vision.  The officers were treated and released.

Another three were treated by facility medical staff for a fractured thumb and shoulder and wrist pain.  All three remained on duty. 

The inmates were placed in a Special Housing Unit 

On Saturday an officer assigned to the mess hall run requested an inmate show him his identification.  The inmate refused and when asked again reached into his pants pocket and began swinging a drywall screw that was fashioned into a cutting instrument with a paper and tape handle, cutting him several times in the left side of his face and head. 

The officer grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground using body holds, until additional officers came to assist.

The inmate, 65, who is serving 21 years to life sentence, was transferred to Attica Correctional Facility after the attack.

The officer was treated at Erie County Medical Center for four lacerations to his face and head. He was later released.

Kelly Khatib is a digital reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.

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