A dozen interactive murals are turning Niagara County into an art gallery

A new art venture  is taking place throughout the county, it’s called Niagara County By the Numbers: An interactive mural trail.  It’s basically a really big life-sized color by numbers. Where visitors can color in the lines with chalk. 

“The plan is to create tourism, like passive tourism. People come to the different murals, they see what’s on the board, they ask questions, and then they go do it,” said Michael Weber Project Manager and creator.

There’s 12 locations, some of the locations include Cambria, Hartland, Porter, Town of Niagara and more. One location is Brownie’s Custard Stand in Wilson.

“Well this project highlights all the things that there are to do in Wilson. But, the project as a whole, it highlights all the things that there are to do in all these little towns all across Niagara County,” said Greg Stenis owner. “So if you wanted to take a staycation, you can hit all these locations and see all the towns that you may not think of and go to them and explore them.”

Several artists are teaming up paint the pieces at various locations throughout the county like Nikki Milley, she’s working on the Wilson mural.

“We have of course beer, we have fishing that’s really popular in Wilson, and of course our sunsets are huge here in Wilson. People come for the opportunity just to take a photo, Instagram it, with the sunset,” said Milley.

For more information on the murals and the locations visit

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