A Solid Step Towards Saving Our Sacred Sites

One month ago, I posted about Preservation Buffalo Niagara’s (PBN) Save Our Sacred Sites initiative. At the time, PBN was in the process of attempting to raise funds in order to apply for local landmark status for 14 historic at-risk churches that were facing closure by the Catholic Diocese.

Today, PBN announced that it has successfully submitted landmark applications for St. John Kanty Church, St. Stanislaus B&M Church, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church to the Buffalo Preservation Board for their July 11th meeting.

“These churches are exemplary candidates for local landmark status, each meeting the criteria outlined in Buffalo’s Preservation Ordinance. Their architectural beauty and historical significance make them irreplaceable assets to our city’s built-environment.” – PBN

Why does local landmark status matter?

Ensures Oversight: The preservation board must review any significant changes to the building.

Offers Tax Incentives: Future owners can benefit from tax incentives, making preservation more feasible.

Enables Further Funding: Opens doors to additional grants and historic preservation tax credits. You can read about them here. 

PBN further announced that it will be submitting three additional landmark applications at the next Preservation Board meeting on July 25th, the final session before the board’s August hiatus.

To learn more about the Save our Sacred Sites initiative, click here. To donate to the cause, click here.

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