Alex Esmonde unveils ‘Swym’ Swimwear @ Fig Fashion Show

Alex Esmonde, Buffalo native and founder of swimwear brand Swym, is showcasing her newest collection at the inaugural Fig Fashion Show

The spark of inspiration to begin Swym started when Alex recognized the practicality of men’s swimwear, which almost always boast pockets. It dawned upon Alex that women’s swimsuits should also enjoy this added convenience. After all, it can be risky leaving one’s valuables unattended at the beach. To address this inconvenience, Alex ingeniously designed sleek and discreet pockets within the swimsuits to hold personal items. 

Since Alex did not have a background in fashion she took it upon herself to delve into research, seeking suitable factories and materials to breathe life into her designs. Swym Suits are available in a wide range of sizes and an array of colors. The silhouettes and styles of the suits are not only flattering, but also unique, with each suit boasting a hidden pocket that adds a touch of functionality. 

Alongside her Swym accomplishments, Alex is a passionate entrepreneur with a professional organizing company called Type A & Co. She is also a real estate agent – you may have seen her signs around town. Alex possesses a natural talent for problem-solving, whether it involves optimizing a space or exploring the realms of fashion. 

Alex’s designs for Swym will be showcased along with 8 other designers at the fig fashion show [fig – fashion’s initial garment] held at Seneca One on Saturday September 30th. 

Other designers showcased at the fig fashion show include:

Dame Powell – Dame Luxury Leather Goods

Novi Paluch – Sasmati Batik

Richie Hunter – Richie Hunter Customs

Ashton Warner – ARW

Ali Eagan – Made by Anatomy

Austin Guyett – BAG

Julia Scott Papiernik – ScottFree

Anna Dusza

Fig Instagram

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