Amazon packages just keep coming! Local family that got thousands of face mask brackets, they never ordered, delivered to their house — is now getting freight shipments of them from Amazon

The Cannan family has been getting thousands of face masks brackets, they never ordered, shipped to their house from Amazon. The deliveries usually arrive in boxes or packages, but now they’re arriving on large pallets.

“I just can’t believe it’s still coming and now it’s on a freight truck?! It’s next level, at this point,” said Jillian Cannan mom and local business owner.

Cannan says they’ve been taking this frustrating situation in stride.

“We’ve been through worse, honestly. You just have to find the most in every situation and just smile and work your way through it. We’ve been so fortunate with everything else. It’s an inconvenience, but at this point, it’s funny.”

Cannan says she spoke with a Amazon customer service, they stopped deliveries to her home, but they can not stop any deliveries that are already in transit.

So, she says, more mysterious deliveries could be on the way.


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