BB’s Bingo is Blowing Up in Buffalo

Bianca Falsetti

Every day, I learn something new about Buffalo. For example, I never realized that Buffalo is considered a “bingo capital.” According to Bianca Falsetti, founder of BB’s Bingo, Western New Yorkers go crazy for bingo of all kinds. But how many kinds are there?

I’ve covered a number of different types of bingo-themed events, all of which had their own unique twists, and followings. Bianca’s twist is “boozy bingo!” She started BB’s Bingo as the pandemic was winding down, just under a year ago. I asked Bianco, “Why bingo?”

“People are obsessed with bingo in WNY,” she answered. “I took bingo and mixed it with booze – two things that Buffalo loves. I was in the restaurant industry for 16 years. Because of the… I can’t event say the p******* word – the bars got really beat up. People had such a rough two years. I wanted to come up with an idea that would generate business for the restaurants, while giving people a reason to socialize. Bingo is huge around here. I figured that it was the perfect game that people would look forward to. They could connect with each other, and get their heads away from their cell phones.”

Although bingo is very popular, there’s still a stigma surrounding the game. Typically, we tend to think of bingo halls, populated by older people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that Bianca wanted to create something that was a lot more exciting, where everyone felt comfortable attending, no matter their speed. That was something that Bianca knew she had to address.

“I asked friends and family, ‘What about a bingo rave?‘ They answered, ‘What does that mean?‘ I knew that people thought I was crazy…. but that’s how every great idea starts! I’m 32, and I love this. I see girls that are 21 bringing their mothers and their grandmothers along. It’s cross-generational. It’s also perfect for a girls’ night out. There are guys too. A lot of husbands and boyfriends are dragged into it, but then they have so much fun. The other day there was a tie game, and two guys had to do a dance off. There were people standing on their chairs cheering them on.”

Bianca is definitely onto something here. Boozy bingo appears to be both timeless and ageless. It’s cute, clever, and creative. And it’s really good for business. Now that word is out, bars and restaurants are clamoring to get into the action. After all, the only thing they are on the hook for is supplying the prizes (there are no cash prizes), which can be just about anything. Bianca makes her money off the ticket sales. So it’s a win-win for everyone. Each event includes ten bingo games, booze, silly antics, and plenty of friendly competition.

“When I put the first event on social media, it got 10,000 views in three days,” Bianca told me. “The tickets are typically selling out in five minutes. It’s incredible. The bars have been reaching out to me… the response has been overwhelming. That’s why I decided to leave my job. I’ve always thrown events. I’m very tenacious. Along with the bingo, I opened a photo booth company called BB’s Booths. I bring the photo booths to some of my events, and rent them out on the side. I also started BB’s Bonded Jewelry Bar, and BB’s Trivia Night. Trivia Night is dedicated to the cult classics – On Tuesday, January 31, trivia night will be at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo (Harry Potter theme). Tickets go on sale on the 19th of January at noon.”

Bianca also gives back to the community. She currently sits on the board of Totally Buffalo Cares, which is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to helping people in need. In 2022, she helped to organize a Christmas in July event, which amassed over 400 toys that were then donated to children all over the 716 (see photo below).

On March 5, Bianca will be hosting her one year anniversary for BB’s Bingo. The 400-person event will be held at the Niagara Falls Convention Center. It’s going to be 90’s themed bingo, with food, bars, a mechanical bull, a cotton candy machine, and IV Vitamin Therapy (drips). Local merchants will also be on-hand. Click here for tickets.

“I try to think of everything,” Bianca told me. “People look forward to these events. It’s all about making memories. I pour a lot of love into this business. It’s why people have so much fun.”

In just under one year, Bianca has certainly carved out a significant niche in WNY’s event arena. She certainly has a passion for this, which clearly shows. And if she’s managed to pull all of this off in just under a year, I can’t even imagine where she will be in ten years. All I can say, is that Bianca, and her burgeoning BB event-driven empire, is heading in the right direction. It’s always nice to see a successful business concept that is based on good old fashioned fun, along with some craft beers and cocktails. BB’s Bingo has got Buffalo written all over it.

Click here to see a list of upcoming bingo and trivia events, and to reserve tickets.

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