Brown and Walton talk taking on violence in Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Two of Buffalo’s mayoral candidates are addressing this year’s spike in violence in the Queen City.

Right now, the city is on track for its deadliest year in nearly three decades.

We asked incumbent Mayor Byron Brown, and one of his challengers India Walton about how they would address the problem. Mayor Brown says the answer lies in community policing.

India Walton says it’s up to community leaders to intervene.

“We were working very hard to have our police partner with the community in a variety of different ways. Those partnerships, those connections are reoccurring now that we’re getting through COVID. And you’re going to see a lot of activities in the community, where police are embedded with the community — because the community has asked for their partnership,” said Mayor Brown.

“We have so many loving caring elders and clergy people and community leaders in our community who know these people and they just need to be empowered to bring the community together and call for a stop to the violence. And really make sure that we have the resources to make people healthy, happy and whole,” added India Walton.

How to report problems and get your voting questions answered

Early voting for the primaries is underway.

The primary day is June 22.

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