Buyer Found for 1446 Main Street

The City has a buyer for an old police precinct building #6 at 1446 Main Street.  Mir Ahmed of Amherst is seeking to purchase the property to rehab and redevelop the circa-1960, 3,195 sq.ft. building into office space with the intentions of utilizing one of the spaces for his personal business use and to rent the remainder. Giusiana Architects is working on the renovation plans.

From the City Council item:

Mr. Ahmed has provided proof of his financial ability to complete the purchase and repairs to the property. The Office of Strategic Planning Land Use Planning Committee, Division of Permit and Inspection Services and the Division of Collections have no objections to the sale of the property. There are no building code violations, taxes or other liens owed to the City of Buffalo by the purchaser.

An appraisal was performed by a certified appraiser and the appraised value was approved by the Appraisal Review Board on July 21st, 2022. The value of the property in “as is” condition was determined to be Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per square foot for a total amount of One Hundred Eighty-Four Thousand Dollars ($184,000.00). Mr. Ahmed has agreed and is prepared to pay One Hundred Eighty-Four Thousand Dollars ($184,000.00) for the above-referenced property.

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