Common Council Supports LED Lighting in Streetlight System

The Buffalo Common Council has adopted a resolution by Council members Nowakowski, Bollman, Wyatt, and Rivera, supporting the installation of LED lighting in the city’s streetlight system.

The resolution “directs the Department of Public Works to examine the feasibility of purchasing remaining inventory of streetlights that National Grid owns and converting the entire system to LED technology.” Not only would this initiative significantly reduce energy consumption, it would also be a significant cost savings for the City.

An initiative of this nature was originally formulated in 2019, when Mayor Byron Brown announced that the City was looking into purchasing the streetlights from National Grid, upon which time they would be converted to LED. The plan – entailing the City’s purchase and conversion to LED – would result in a 70% reduction in energy consumption, while better illuminating the streets. Since Mayor Brown initially made that announcement, further negotiations have been underway. Now, with Common Council’s support, there is added momentum towards achieving these goals.

“The purchase of the streetlight system has been in negotiations for a couple of years now,” said Fillmore District Council Member Mitch Nowakowski. “So I am excited to invite various stakeholders into the Community Development committee to discuss the progress of the talks and the feasibility of getting this done. LED streetlighting has so many benefits–from increased illumination to energy and cost savings. I thank my colleagues who joined onto this resolution.”

“I am happy to join my colleagues in promoting a unified, LED streetlight system,” said Lovejoy District Council Member Bryan J. Bollman. “Converting to more efficient technology allows us to save money and promote better visibility during nighttime.”

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