Construction Watch: Bell Slip Project @ Outer Harbor

Work is well underway on the Bell Slip Improvement Project at the Outer Harbor. The comfort station (with bathrooms) is taking shape, as are the surrounding grounds. Waterfront enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to see this project reach completion, as this is the connecting point between two “currently distinct” parts of the Greenway Nature Trail. When this project wraps up, a significant bike-ped trail will extend from the Terminal B framework (concert grounds) towards Wilkeson Pointe. It’s been a real tease this summer, watching the project underway, with no way to get from one side of the Bell Slip to the other.

Here’s the scope of the project fro Buffalo Waterfront:

The Bell Slip Improvement project brings much requested amenities to the Buffalo Outer Harbor. This includes a public restroom building and an additional parking lot at a central location. A shaded seating area will be along the one side of the restroom building, facing Bell Slip. This project will also allow the public to get closer to the water’s edge with the construction of an overlook deck at Bell Slip. Pedestrian and Bike paths will be slightly modified to provide a connection to Fuhrmann Boulevard. The Bell Slip Improvement project is schedule to be complete and opened to the public in 2024.

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