Council Member: Speed cameras coming down in September

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A member of the Buffalo Common Council says the speed cameras are coming down in September.

Councilmember Rasheed Wyatt says it has been 11-days since the council voted to end the program.
He says the mayor had 10-days to veto or sign the bill before it becomes law.

“Today is the 11th day that we passed the ordinance to repeal the school zone cameras. And from my understanding, as I reached out to the clerk, there is nothing forwarded by the mayor’s office, so that would mean this is now the law. That the school zone cameras will be ended.”

Mayor Byron Brown has long defended the program and says it’s working. Tuesday the mayor was asked whether he vetoed or signed the council’s bill. He did not give an answer to that but promised to continue working with the council to make school zones safe.

“My intent was never to go against the council, but to continue to work with the council, talk to the council, and share the data with them.”

Councilmember Wyatt tells News 4 the city has to give the vendor of the cameras 60-days notice before it terminates the contract.

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