DNA Detailing @ Seneca One

Seneca One is becoming more of a one-stop-shop, with every new service that they roll out. In the case of DNA Detailing, people can now get their cars fully detailed from the comfort of Buffalo’s tallest tower.

DNA Detailing is the brainchild of Austin Bonefede and Dean Carollo, who have been friends since the age of 5.

“We started cleaning cars with Dean’s dad when we were 12 years old,” said Austin. “Were now 22. My parents go to Hershey, PA every year, and after a trip they said, ‘Hey, can you clean our car?’ Afterwards, they said, ‘You guys are pretty good at this!’ That’s when we started thinking about doing it as a business.”

It turns out that Austin’s dad plumbs for Douglas Jemal at Seneca One. That’s how they came to discuss the opportunity with Jemal, who thought that the detailing service would be a good addition to the services offered at the tower. He recently set them up in one of the loading docks, off Exchange Street, right next to the entrance of the parking garage, where they have access to electricity, water, and everything else that they need to perform professional cleanings, inside and out.

“The service is open to everyone,” said Austin. “It’s especially convenient for people at Seneca One, whether they live there or work there. We just go to their apartment or office and pick up the car keys, so that they never have to leave… we take care of everything, then bring back their keys. It saves people a lot of time. We even give discounts to tenants of Seneca One, for the Express Detail, for example. We’re trying to keep people at Seneca One happy. But we want to keep everyone happy so that we have return customers – that’s why we offer the best service, the best turnaround, the best prices, and the best experience possible.”

With more people living and working downtown, this type of service is becoming more of a necessity. And for anyone wondering, it’s not a seasonal business… it’s year round!

I asked Austin if he had detailed Jemal’s car yet, and he answered, “We cleaned his car yesterday. I ran into him and he wanted to see the operation. He asked Paul Millstein (Jemal’s executive vice president), to hand me the keys. We took the car and did a complete detail. Afterwards, he said that he was very pleased, and told me how happy he was that we started our own business. He’s been so supportive of what we’re doing.”

To check out some of their work, services, rates, etc., visit the DNA Detailing Instagram page. And the next time that you’re heading out for a nice dinner, or out on a date, and you’re looking to have the car spiffed up, be sure to stop by 1 Seneca Street for a professional, no hassle, detail job. Stick shifts and paddle shifters welcome!

Jemal approved, interior and exterior details, year round. Services include a hand wash and express detailing.

Monday – Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-1
Sunday appointment only

Call ahead: 716-480-8530 or or email

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