Dunkirk man speaks out after violent road rage incident

BRANT, N.Y. (WIVB) — A trip to his parent’s home in the Town of Brant turned violent for one Dunkirk man. It’s a road rage incident that was all caught on video.  

The tape starts rolling when a white two-door car comes to a quick stop behind Matthew Klee’s silver Toyota SUV. 

Klee, who said he had just driven from Dunkirk to his parent’s home in Brant, pulls further into the driveway to speak with the other driver. 

Before Klee has the chance to talk with the man, who is wearing a grey t-shirt, a fistfight breaks out all while Klee’s 10-year-old daughter sits in the SUV’s passenger seat. 

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Klee called for his father, who intervened as the other driver headed back to his car. 

“My dad came and just kind of threw him off of me and told him to get off the property,” said Klee. “I don’t know if it’s because there’s two people there, but he quickly jumped in the car and took off. He flew down the road too, he gassed to get out of there fast.”

Klee told us while he sometimes gets angry on the roads himself, he would never take it to the level the other driver did. 

Patrick Ryan: Do you think he knew you had a 10-year-old in the car?

Matthew Klee: I don’t think so until he had me pinned into the hood. When he had me pinned into the hood and then continued assaulting I think he seen her. I’m pretty sure after he had me pinned and then he hit me a couple more times after had me pinned too. You’re gonna traumatize a child? It tells you, you got some serious mental issues.”

“There’s a million other ways he could’ve handled the situation,” added Klee. “Even if say I did miss somewhere and I almost hit him he could’ve called me and police could’ve showed up. You know it could’ve gone a million other ways other than the way he took it.”

Klee said he was happy that the cameras he had just installed at his parent’s home were working. He told us he didn’t know the other driver and didn’t do anything to provoke this kind of response. 

News 4 spoke with the Town of Brant Police chief who said they’re still investigating and looking for the man behind the wheel of that white car.

Klee told us he wants to press charges and see this driver take anger management classes. 

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Dunkirk man speaks out after violent road rage incident

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