Elmwood’s New KOMPAN Playground

A new playground is now open on Elmwood Avenue, at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church. This is a welcome addition to the Elmwood Village, as it will become a destinations for neighbors, as well as for anyone visiting the commercial district. It’s these types of family amenities that ensure that places such as the Elmwood Village are as vibrant as possible.

Now, after strolling for a morning coffee, or a trip to the Bidwell Farmers Market, families can scoot down Elmwood for some wholesome fun with the kiddos. Not to mention a chance to play outdoors, while getting some exercise (and getting their ya-yas out, before the trip home).

The playground, designed by KOMPAN Playgrounds, includes:

An obstacle courseAn elevated playhouse with a slide and an accessible staircaseA number of ground level activities for younger children

The multi-tiered playground offers children the ability to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social development, while promoting imaginative play.

This new playground also offers a pit stop between the Lexington Co-op section of Elmwood, and the Caffé Aroma section of Elmwood – especially for youngsters who are bored, or who want to meet up with some friends. Plus, it’s just another reason to walk the street, instead of driving from place to place and dealing with parking. And what a glorious backdrop, with the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church!

And best of all… the fancy dancy and super cushy playground is finally open, after plenty of delays caused by the pandemic. So be sure to stop by this weekend, as you’re enjoying a pleasant excursion to The Elmwood Village for Porchtoberfest!

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