Encore World Premiere of Lake Effect @ The Screening Room Cinema & Arts Café

What is the secret of the mysterious monster killing Western New Yorkers during a historic snowstorm?

From the producer of Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast and The Legend of Six Fingers, comes a film of a lifetime, especially if you’re from Buffalo. This is the film that has it all – killer beasts, blizzards… and a Western New York that eats this stuff up.

The film is about a group of friends that lose a terminally ill man in a snowstorm. Upon setting out to track down the missing person, lost in the city, they realize that they are in for much more than they bargained for, as a blizzard appears to be the least of the worries. Somewhere, out in the lake effect snowstorm, is a “rampaging supernatural creature” that can freeze the innards of a person by using its telekinetic abilities… 

This is filmmaker Sam Qualiana’s long awaited horror film, that will leave Buffalonians (and the world) chilled to the bone.

Written and directed by Sam Qualiana. Executive Produced by Richard Chizmar. Produced by Kyle Haner. Associate Producers – Gregory Lamberson, Andrew Elias and Mick O’Keefe.

“Every prolific indie filmmaker encounters that one film that seems nearly impossible to complete, and either rises to the challenge or gives up filmmaking,” said Lamberson. “Lake Effect is Sam’s Moby Dick. When we made his first feature, Snow Shark, we got fresh snow every weekend but one for two months. On this one, which is about a mysterious creature lashing out at humanity during an equally violent snowstorm, we almost never had snow. So Sam shot bits of pieces over the years, whenever he could, and visual effects artist Chris Cosgrave created snow digitally. Along the way, the film evolved into something completely different than what it started out as.”

Starring Simeon Qualiana, Tia Maurice, Daniel James, Erika Frase, and C.J. Qualiana. Co-starring Bill Kennedy, Bob Bozek and Jason Beebe…and featuring performances by our late friends Bill Brown and Greg Hinaman. The entire cast is comprised of western New Yorkers!

It’s a creature double-feature!

“A short sci-fi film Sam directed called The Deadhunter is screening before it,” added Lamberson. “That one premiered on YouTube, so this is the first time it will be seen on a big screen!”

Learn more about Lake Effect.

Showing:​ THU JAN 19 at 7PM | Tickets $10

Admission: $10 at the door

The Screening Room | Boulevard Mall | 880 Alberta Dr, Buffalo, NY 14226

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