Gov. Cuomo: 69.1% of New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose, 0.9% from ‘liberation’

NEW YORK CITY (WROC) — Most of New York’s remaining COVID-19 restrictions could soon be lifted.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered remarks at the Tribeca Festival in Manhattan Wednesday. According to officials from the governor’s office, this event was closed to the press due to space being “extremely limited,” and there was not a question and answer session with media.

During the remarks, the governor announced that New York now has 69.1% of its 18+ population with at least one vaccine dose. He recently announced that once the state crossed the 70% threshold of that metric, “virtually all” remaining COVID restrictions would be lifted.

Gov. Cuomo: Most restrictions to lift when 70% have 1 dose of vaccine, masks to remain in class

“We are together and there are smiles and there are faces and there is humanity restored — amen,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We made it, we made it, and we made it together.

“I also want us to remember today that we celebrate Tribeca’s 20th anniversary and we celebrate 20 years of what has become an institution in this city, in this state,” Gov. Cuomo said. “An institution that reminds us that the arts are the energy and the rhythm of New York. The arts are what makes New York, New York, it is the creative tension that is New York City. It brings people from all across the globe and Tribeca has institutionalized that every year, in this film festival.

“Tribeca was convened post-9/11,” Gov. Cuomo said. “That’s why Tribeca was started, because after 9/11 the entire city was depressed and distressed. New York was a target, an international target and people believed it was damning for the future of New York and damning for the future of downtown— nobody wanted to go downtown.

“Tribeca said we are more resilient than that,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We have more strength than that, you’re not going to put New York down. Yes you can knock us down, but we’re going to get back, and we’re going to get back up together — that’s what formed Tribeca. The post-COVID moment is much like the post-911 moment when you think about it.

“New Yorkers came together and New York rose up and New Yorkers said ‘we will make it work,'” Gov. Cuomo said. “‘We will get past ourselves, and our fears and from that desperation came a spirit of community that I haven’t seen in my lifetime, as a native New Yorker, and people were there for one another.

“New York went from the highest COVID infection rate on the globe to today, where New York state has the lowest positivity of any state in the United States of America — that’s what we did,” Gov. Cuomo said.

“So, my friends, never underestimate what the power of unity and the power community and the power of love can do. We’ve never really tried that proposition in this nation. Division is easier, anger is easier, hatred is easier, but love is more powerful and that’s what brought New York through this storm, was love. Tribeca celebrates that spirit today, just as they did bring everyone together post 9/11. They bring everyone together post COVID.

“This is the reopening of New York,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We are back. We have announced that we are going to hit 70% vaccination rate, we’re going to hit it early, we’re going to relax virtually all of restrictions. Today we are at 69.1% so we’re 9/10s of a percent away from liberation, and by the time Tribeca is over we’re going to be there, and it is fitting that as Tribeca led us through 9/11 Tribeca has beckoned us through COVID.”

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