Local boy spreads happiness through his business and his gospel, ‘I like to help people who are in need’

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Jammell Brooks isn’t your typical 13-year-old.

And it’s not just because, at his age, he already has a booming lawn mowing business.

It’s because of what his business allows him to feel.

“I just want people to know that I’m a happy person,” Jammell said on a recent sunny spring evening. 

It was peak happiness for Jammell in June, when a stranger dropped off a lawnmower for him to use. 

“The first thing I did — I didn’t even show my mom — the first thing that I did, the first thing I did was go on Facebook live,” he said laughing. 

Donated was a Toro recycler with a 22-inch deck, a good blade and new spark plugs, so it fires right up on the first pull — a good thing considering how busy he is.

“I was very excited because not only did I have a lawnmower, I can make money and have money in my pocket,” Jammell said. “And I get to feel very special because I have my own lawn business, I can be the boss.”

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And sometimes, he’s more than just his own boss. 

“Two days ago, I told my sisters I’d give them 10 dollars each if they clean my room,” he said proudly. “So what I do is I make them work for what I work for to give them the money back.”

There’s no doubt Jammell has the entrepreneurial spirit. But his biggest motivator is the Holy Spirit. 

Jammell’s grandfather is Bishop Michael Brooks, lead pastor at House of Yahshua.

“[Jammell] was premature. We actually thought we were going to lose him,” Bishop Brooks said. “But through the grace of God, we did a lot of praying and he came out of it.

“I used to take him to church all the time and at 2 years old, he would grab the mic. I wasn’t going to snatch the mic from him. I wanted to see what he was going to do and before you know it, he’s up singing and preaching.”

And he’s never looked back.  

“I give encouraging words, I have my own ministry,” Jammell said. “I post a lot of encouraging things on Facebook live and I pray for people. I just want to see people happy right along with me.”

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Jammell shares the good word on social media — often. 

But he practices it in his day job — because it turns out, mowing lawns is just a means to an end, another way to spread his message. 

“I consist as my lawn mowing business and my ministry the same because it’s like I’m making people happy,” Jammell said. “In my lawnmower business, not a lot of people can afford their grass to be cut. So when people say I don’t have the money right now, I still take it upon myself to do it and they just come up with spiritual money…”

Spiritual money –if it could be counted, Jammell’s cup runneth over. 

“You can be a believer or a non believer and he will catch your attention. He will catch your attention,” Bishop Brooks said. “And if you got a frown on your face, he’ll make you smile or say something encouraging. And so he affects a lot of people out here, and I believe that’s his purpose.”

Jammell feels it too, in the responses he gets from neighbors on their front porch. 

“So every time I go somewhere, people are like keep it up young man, you’re doing great. And so by me doing this and multitasking with my youth ministry and going to church, it’s actually fun because I get to move around. I’m like a busy person now.

“I like, for me, I like to help people who are in need,” he said. “Rather what they do in life or if they can’t make it or whatever the case may be I will help you regardless of what you’ve been through.”

You can find Jammell and book a service by visiting his page on Facebook

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