Make Art @ Silo City presents Tami Fuller’s Fiber Art Workshops

Throughout the summer, Tami Fuller – a second-generation fiber artist, curator and educator – will be hosting a series of fiber art workshops at Silo City, as part of the site’s newest charge to offer cultural retreats and workshops to the public.

Fuller’s next two fiber art workshops are based on pigments from petals, using the method of traditional flower pounding. One of the classes is for anyone that is interested in framed art, while the other is for people who want to learn about wearable art. Both workshops incorporate organic materials that are sourced from the grounds of Silo City, as they are aptly suited for dying and decorating, with their natural pigments and organic materials.

Fuller is also offering a third “wild weaving” workshop that introduces people to the fundamentals of weaving in the wilds of Silo City. The grounds of Silo City are a magical place, filled with all sorts of natural inspiration. Art resources abound, and are as limitless as one’s imagination.

Silo City has always promoted itself as an artistic center that encourages people to incorporate the grounds and the buildings into their passions, whether it’s producing experimental music, avant garde theater, or fiber art workshops.

More information and links to register can be found at

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