Mayor Brown says American Rescue Plan funds will help transform Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The mayor of Buffalo is detailing how money the city gets from the American Rescue Plan will be used.

It’s a four-point plan that he says will transform the social and economic landscape of Buffalo.

Mayor Byron Brown says the four-point plan focuses on “people and places” and “progress and prosperity” with two dozen proposed initiatives to improve equitable growth and inclusion.

One of the first steps is expanding the mayor’s summer youth program to more young people who live in poverty. It’s adding year-round opportunities, expand payment for academic enrichment, and increase paid jobs to over 1,900 people this year.

Step two will provide the Northland Workforce Training Center with at least $1 million to establish a scholarship program for black and brown city residents from low-income neighborhoods.

Dottie Gallagher of the Buffalo-Niagara Partnership says building an equitable recovery post-pandemic is the most important thing that will predict the success or failure of our region going forward

“So it is critically important that we are very strategic about how that money is spent because if we are to be competitive when this is over, we’ve got to make the right decisions now,” said Gallagher.

“I have witnessed how the transformative power of faith in ourselves can be a catalyst for great things as we recovered as a community from the 2008 financial crisis. That’s why I know we can and will make the City of Buffalo stronger and more prosperous for every resident,” added Mayor Brown.

City leaders will seek public input through the new “Buffalo’s Transformation Fund” website, where people can learn about current initiatives and provide feedback.

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