Nerd Scene: Nickel City Comic Con(s) 2024

The time came once again for Buffalonians to hold their nerd flags high. Nickel City Comic Con was back in town! For fans of comic books, movies, wrestling, gaming, and just about any other side of pop culture, this is an event that’s always worth celebrating.

Held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center from June 28th to June 30th, Nickel City Comic Con was a stupendous site to be seen.

The entire exhibition hall was filled with vendors and artists of all kinds. The featured comic book guests included the legendary Michael Golden, Howard Chaykin, Arthur Suydam, and Jason Aaron. Plenty of indie comic book artists and writers were in attendance as well, such as Nathan Jeffers of NJJ Studio, Steve Bynoe of Comic Asylum, Elijah Chatmon of Pocket Sized Comics, and many more. Other indie artists selling their work included Mike Alvarez, Taramarie Mitravitch, Sean Carlson, and countless others, offering their illustrations of horror icons, comic book superheroes, and movie characters, with replicas of movie and video game weaponry, dice jewelry, crocheted creatures, and all kinds of other hand-made creations.

At first, what seemed like only a few major comic book creators attending the Comic Con seemed baffling, but everything became much more clear while walking through the several busy aisles of this event.

Nickel City Comic Con’s strength is its focus on all things indie and local. Sure, there are still the options to geek out over things like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, but indie artists and vendors are put in the spotlight for all to see – to be celebrated alongside the big dogs. With small businesses being such a strong part of Buffalo, it makes perfect sense for Nickel City Comic Con to match that.

The Superhero Alliance of WNY, the always radical Buffalo’s Best Turtles, and the Buffalo Ghostbusters showed off their amazing costumes and provided tons of fun for fans demonstrated how incredible folks in the local nerd community really are. Nickel City Wrestling and New York Gamer’s Federation’s Video Gaming Zone offered up unique experiences that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Other exciting and unique attractions included Bill Diamond’s Hollywood Movie Museum with all kinds of props and puppets, the Doctor Who Society with some very sassy Daleks, a screen-used General Lee from the original Dukes of Hazzard, and an Optimus Prime replica truck. Niagara’s own 7 Gates Screampark had a handful of spooky statues, and terrifying costumed creatures wandering around scared the pants off unsuspecting guests (while asking for cheese).

One of the biggest reasons to attend conventions like this is for folks to meet their favorite celebrities. This time, fans got the chance to take pictures with and get autographs from actors like Billy Zane, Chandler Riggs, Henry Thomas, and Shannon Elizabeth, voice actors like Veronica Taylor and Lenore Zann, and wrestlers like Mick Foley and Rikishi. If you missed out on getting a picture with them or getting something signed by them, each celebrity took part in Q&As for fans to ask them anything their hearts desired. A particularly unique celebrity experience at this year’s Nickel City Con was the opportunity to have beers with the Trailer Park Boys!

Of course, convention-goers in cosplay were everywhere on the show floor, rocking the threads of their favorite characters. From many members of the X-Men to a Carl Grimes with a wounded eye, and even a couple of Furbies, there were cosplays from just about every side of pop culture. The biggest celebration of cosplay was the always-eventful cosplay contest where some of the most impressive costumes could be seen.

The next Nickel City Comic Con has already been announced, and it’s later this year! On October 12th and 13th of 2024, Nickel City Comic Con will make its way to the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center once again. That means we won’t need to wait too long for one of the biggest nerdy celebrations in Western New York. For any updates on their next or future events, check out their website. You can also see any news, along with what has been seen at previous Nickel City Cons, on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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