New York State… Go Fly A Kite

This past Sunday, I took my dogs to the waterfront, as I typically do three or four times a week. But Sunday was different. At the Outer Harbor, (Buffalo Harbor State Park) where there are a couple of mounds of grass that are usually frequented by maybe three or four people, a number of onlookers – including a bunch of families with kids in tow – were stationed. Their eyes were glued to the skies, where a kettle of kites was flying overhead. Instead of loading the dogs into the car after our walk, I walked them over to a shady tree to lie down. We lay there for about 45 minutes, captivated by the colorful menagerie of kites flying overhead.

As I relaxed with my dogs under the tree, I thought to myself, “I wonder why seeing a sight like this… kites flying overhead… is so unusual? Why don’t more kites fly at the waterfront?”

My question was soon answered by the man himself… the guy pulling all of the strings. Apparently kites are not welcome at the Outer Harbor, which is absurd, as they are welcome most other public places. But if it’s not permitted in the rulebook – authored by whoever writes up the laundry list of things that you can and can’t do at the Outer Harbor – then kite flying is simply something to be considered illegal. Kite flying?

Honestly, New York State should be embarrassed. Here we have a kite flying expert by the name of James R. Emmanuele who flies his kites because he’s passionate about his his hobby, only to be told that it’s not permitted. Why? Why is it not permitted? There are no at-risk power lines. There are no low flying planes. There’s nothing to be worried about.

Heck, I get the fireworks. I get the no sex in public. But flying kites? Now, come on.

When I first introduced myself to James, I said, “Man, I hope that New York State is paying you to do this, because it’s terrific!” His answer was that his services are not only underappreciated, they are frowned upon. He said that he is constantly being kicked out of waterfront parks, for no apparent reason. Not only that, he has been very forward and upfront about trying to figure out ways to legally get kite flying underway at the Buffalo waterfront, only to be told, time and time again, “no!”

When was the last time that you saw five New York State park patrol cars swoop into action, surrounding a culprit? I would have to say, “Never?” Until now, that is. Apparently kite flying is such an egregious offence that it takes a “S.W.A.T.” team to neutralize the situation. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if anyone has any common sense around here. If they did, they would understand how ridiculous and infuriating it is that flying kites has been deemed an offense. Is this a directive from Governor Kathy Hochul? Does she have something against kites?

“It is a shame that there is nowhere to fly kites at the Outer Harbor,” said James. “There is no real logical reason why it is not allowed.”

Well James, it’s not allowed because New York State park officials apparently have nothing else to do, other than to bother people who actually attempt to make life better for everyone. Don’t bother the idiots on the dirt bikes, or the clods that constantly litter, or the dastardly drag racers, or the inconsiderates that drink and leave their beer bottles at the park. Bother the people flying kites. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Way to ruin one of the best summer days at the Outer Harbor, for absolutely no reason.

Welcome to Buffalo. Not.

New York State? Go fly a kite.

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