Newfane tattoo artist gives back to the community by giving ink

A Newfane tattoo artist is giving back to the community, by giving Ink.

About four months ago Kyle Hoffman, owner of Dr. Igor’s Creations on Main Street in the village, starting giving tattoos away to his clients who have experienced personal tragedies.

“I had a client come in he was a cancer survivor and a child abuse survivor and I heard his story. And it made me feel like I have to give back to this guy and make him feel good,” said Hoffman. “As soon as I told him, ‘Hey I’m going to do this tattoo for you for free’, he just lit up. We started talking about his life and I started talking about my life and the problems I overcame.”

One of his other clients Brandon Shoup, lost his step daughter Kenzie Kulesza in November of last year. She was hit by a car while walking on Rapids Road with her friends to the store.

“What Kyle is doing is pretty special,” said Shoup. “For anyone who wants a memorial tattoo he’s willing to help out.”

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