Niagara Falls mayor hopes Americans provide tourism boost as the border remains closed

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — With the northern border closed, the mayor of Niagara Falls hopes Americans will help fill the hole of missing tourists this summer.

Rob Restaino says they’re starting to see bus tours make a comeback.

He believes this summer will be promising. But, Restaino admits he doesn’t think they’ll break records, because of the lack of international visitors.

But the city is seeing increasing activity from northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

“We need to capitalize on the fact that folks still want to see Niagara Falls. It’s a…. it’s a wonder. And I know were going to attract folk if we continue to accentuate the rest of the nation this is the place you want to come to relax,” said Mayor Restaino.

Just this past week, the Cuomo administration announced the international “Come be a Part of It” campaign.

The state is spending $40 million to attract people to visit new york while on vacation.

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