NYS: Free fishing weekend for New York’s freshwater

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – A free fishing weekend is unrolling in New York State – waiving the license requirement for freshwater fishing in New York’s waters.

The Free Fishing Days program began in 1991 to give people who might not fish a chance to freshwater fish at no cost, introducing people to a new hobby and encouraging people to support conservation by purchasing a New York State fishing license.

In addition to the free fishing weekend, the DEC has also partnered with libraries across the State to provide a fishing rod lending program. When borrowing a book, patrons can also sign out a fishing rod.

DEC also offers resources to get started fishing, including a ‘Beginners Guide to Freshwater Fishing’ to provide information on rigging up a fishing rod to identifying catch and understanding fishing regulations.

Free fishing day participants are reminded that although the requirement for a fishing license it waved, all other fishing regulations remain in effect.

The free fishing weekend will go into effect for June 29 and 30.

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NYS: Free fishing weekend for New York’s freshwater

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