Offerwell Puts the Power of Real Estate Agents to Work, with seamless Listing Dashboard

Buffalo’s hot residential real estate market still has a lot of people in a quandary. Anyone that has put an offer on a house over the last 5 or so years can tell you that the process of finding an ideal house in the city is tough. Prime listings don’t sit around for long, and when they sell, they are often times purchased over the asking price (bidding war), with many of them going for cash offers. This means that realtors must be at the top of their game, so that they can best represent their clients. Unfortunately, these agents have been limited by outdated data tools, which means that they are not equipped with the resources that they need to efficiently represent their clients best interest.

(L-R) Nick Giambra, Simon Mahfoud, and Matthew Brigante

Buffalonians Nick Giambra (CRO), Simon Mahfoud (CEO), and Matthew Brigante (CPO) are the founding partners of Offerwell – a startup that puts the power of the purchase into the hands of the agents once again. According to Realtor, Giambra (Founder/CEO Giambra Team) and Mahfoud (Offerwell CEO, and lead software developer), after realizing the complexities of the real estate market (from an agent’s point of view while considering the experience of the consumers), they set out to create transparency, accountability, and confidence within the selling/buying process. 

With Offerwell, real estate agents and consumers can see whether listings are active or pending, how many days they have been on the market, offer deadlines, and the number of current bids. The agents (and even their clients) can even get notifications on bids as they come in. Until this point, agents have been using outdated tools like email, paper/pencil, spreadsheets, and their calculator app, which puts them at a disadvantage. Offerwell provides a real time picture of the current market activity for offers on active listings, with all of the pertinent offer information viewable via an interactive dashboard for the Realtor and for Sellers. All of the contracts… all of the offers… all of the communication, all being done in one centralized location. 

From the dashboard, which is integrated with the MLS, realtors can receive offers, which are then emailed/texted directly to the agents so that they can act accordingly (once again, in real time). The dashboard allows them to take notes, receive messages, accept or decline offers, and even make counter-offers. Agents can even provide their sellers access to the information, who then get notified as the offers come in. Some of the other features coming soon are a showings platform, Realor forward listing detail pages, offer reports and analytics to help Realtors help their consumers with pricing, a version for teams/Brokers, and much more.

“We’re looking to empower, not eliminate the realtors,” said Giambra.”… Like some of the other competition existing in the current marketplace.” Giambra went on to say, “Oftentimes, there is no transparency that a listing agent presented an offer, or that a seller saw the offer. With Offerwell, all of this is clear, including how many offers have come in, or when an offer is submitted, withdrawn, accepted, countered, or declined. This is agent-forward software that frees up valuable time for the agent, who no longer has to track multiple offers and listings on various platforms. With Offerwell, all of the information is bundled in a handy, convenient location that is easy to manage. The software empowers the agent, by delivering a great experience, while enhancing relationships with clients.”

The Offerwell software – available to licensed agents – is free for the Basic Plan and $30 a month for the Pro Plan. The Pro Plan offers unlimited listings, showings (coming soon), and agent/client sharing.

Giambra and Mahfoud feel that the time has finally come to put the power of real estate listings back into the hands of the Realtors and consumers, where it should have been all along. In an ever-changing world, where sites like Zillow and Trulia offer a bird’s eye view of the real estate landscape, Offerwell is here to allow agents to do a deeper dive, which means that everyone wins.

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