Opportunity Knocks: The Alexander

The Alexander apartment building, last purchased by Noel Sutton of Sutton Development in 2018, is now for sale. Sutton says that he has been extensively working on the property over the course of the last six years, starting with the renovation of all 17 apartment units, and, most recently, replacing the intricate roof, “which was a much larger project than originally anticipated.”

When considering The Alexander (corner of Richmond and Bryant), it’s easy to see how unique this building is to Richmond Avenue, and to all of Buffalo for that matter. Sutton says that, for years, he would pass by the structure and tell himself that one day he would purchase it and fix it up. There was a time period, before he picked it up in 2018, when the building was suffering at the hands of its previous owner. True to his word, Sutton bought it and subsequently spent six years incrementally investing into the building’s operational aspects, as well as its overall aesthetics.

“When viewing a building of this nature,” Sutton explains. “It’s important to consider every feature, similar to the way that we view stained glass windows in our historic churches, akin to the cymatics of architecture. By properly painting it, and highlighting the embellishments, we perceive the building in a more uplifting way because we pay tribute to the true harmony of the work of art. And this building is a work of art. It’s frequency resonates out into the neighborhood, projected even further due to it being a sound anchor on a prime corner – a corner that is considered a gateway to the West Side. You might say that, like a lighthouse, this building is a beacon that emits its distinct vibrational pattern. I have come to better understand the intricacies of architecture in recent years; Buffalo’s historic and architecturally significant buildings are much like ‘frozen music’ – you can observe them in ways that you might listen to the symphony play at Kleinhans Music Hall, just down the street.”

By spending so much time and energy fixing up The Alexander, Sutton says that he is ultimately paying his respects to the master architects and builders of the edifice. While he has found little to no information pertaining to those who created it, its legacy speaks for itself. The Alexander is a work of such magnitude that it resonates symbiotically within an equally irrepressible neighborhood – a neighborhood that has been experiencing quite the renaissance as of late. Between all of the investments along the Connecticut Street Corridor, and the ‘onward and upward’ tenacity of Five Points (a couple blocks away), The Alexander is – once again – in the prime of its life.

In order to get the building up to spec (over the years), Sutton has outfitted each of the 17 units with new bathrooms and kitchens. He’s updated the electric and the plumbing, and boilers as well (with instant hot water, and steam heat). The common areas have been enhanced, and the interior courtyard has been given a once-over. I found it interesting that this building even had an interior courtyard, let alone one that was embellished with a vibrant mural by master decorative artist Michael Mammana. Sutton says that the mural has added as a source of inspirational for tenants, throughout the year.

The mural is one thing. The exterion paint job and the roof replacement on this 9,662 SF beauty is quite another. Sutton tells me that finding someone to tackle these projects was not that simple.

“It took a while, but I eventually found Mike ‘Cowboy’ Campbell who did the primary tear-off and rebuild of this complicated roof,” says Sutton. “I wanted to keep it authentic – to keep the original ‘frequency’ intact, which was a herculean task. Campbell worked alongside Mike Millidge (All In Roofing) – another young rockstar who dealt with the finishing metal touches, including refurbished the turrets that resemble a mix of Victorian, Chateau, and Empire style architecture. Now the building is 100% done (including scuppers and gutters), and it’s turnkey for the next owner/caretaker. I’m seeking a successor steward of The Alexander – someone who appreciates the building’s legacy as an 1840’s castle-esque structure that has been upgraded to 2024 standards.”

Similar to how he has been caretaker of this expansive property, Sutton is now seeking a new owner to take the helm. To that end, he notes that the apartments are currently fully leased, and showings start this Saturday.

The Alexander is being listed at $2.6 million.

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