Retro arcade joins the downtown business district in city of Lockport

Get ready to play some pinball and a host of other arcade games at Lo’s Arcade Mania and TOYS from Lo.

It’s located on 54 Pine Street in Lockport and it’s one of the newest editions to the growing downtown business district.

“The arcades are basically set up for quarter coins, there is no credit card slots, or ticket slots,” said Joshua Lopez. “You come here, you have a pocket full of quarters, you’re going to play. If you have two quarters, you’re going to play.”

There’s also hundreds of vintage games for the Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and other vintage game systems. There’s game-themed toys and trinkets and vintage collectibles like Power Rangers, Cabbage Patch dolls and action figures.

“Collecting toys and having this collector bug — you have to have it in order to understand it,” Lopez said. “So, I collect everything from toys to Jordan sneakers. I have a1,048 pairs of sneakers.”

The store and arcade have become a hub for kids in the community

“I consider it a safe zone. My motto is “Where you can be a kid again,” he said. “So, no matter what age you are, come relax.”

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