Seeking sculpture proposals for Cheektowaga site

The new work should celebrate the town’s Polish heritage

Arts Services Inc. of Western New York (ASI), on behalf of Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace’s Office, invites artists in all appropriate mediums from throughout Western New York to submit proposals for an outdoor public art project located at Cheektowaga Town Park on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga, NY. This project has been updated with new guidelines and an updated submission deadline of February 10th, 2023.

Assemblymember Wallace’s Office is seeking a sculpture (of any type of material, size, and base) that celebrates the town’s Polish heritage. This public art work is meant to engage residents to celebrate history, while encouraging ongoing Polish traditions.

“The Town of Cheektowaga has an extensive Polish Heritage and history, and this public art project is intended to celebrate that entire heritage and history within Town Park,” said Assemblymember Wallace. “Town Park is not only an open recreational space for residents, but also hosts many Polish heritage and cultural activities throughout the year.” 

A panel of qualified arts and business professionals (including community members of the Town of Cheektowaga and other resident parties) will review proposals for their eligibility and appropriateness for the project.

The chosen work should:

·       Celebrate Polish history and/or culture – priority will be given to designs that identify areas of Polish history and/or culture that are not already represented throughout the community or are similar to already existing public art pieces. Examples of public art or dedications that currently exist, include but are not limited to The Ampitheater in Cheektowaga Town Park, the Polish Armed Forces war memorial at Canalside/Buffalo Naval Park, and the General Pulaski statue monument in downtown Buffalo.

·       Artists are encouraged to propose designs that are creative, innovative, informative, and expansive of traditional and contemporary Polish culture. Culture can include references to the customs, language, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

·       Artists must include an artist statement: An explanation of how the design went from conceptualization to final design. This should include why this design was chosen, including but not limited to research that was done regarding Polish culture, why materials of the sculpture were chosen, and technique and technical skill sets necessary to create the final sculpture. Include images and/or text descriptions of previous work to serve as evidence of technical proficiency. 

·       The sculpture can be of any material, size, and base; artists are encouraged to think beyond traditional bronze statues;

·       Have an expected lifespan of 3-5 years unprotected from the elements. 


A commission of $20,000-$26,000 is available for the chosen artist to create and install their work.

Artists are required to provide all supplies and materials to complete the work, including a scissor lift or bucket truck, if needed. The Town of Cheektowaga may be able to arrange storage options on site if needed. Please include any and all requests in artist proposal. Artist should detail what assistance or materials are provided by his/her/themself and what may be required or needed by The Town of Cheektowaga or others in their proposal (if applicable).


Deadline to Submit: No later than 5 pm on Friday, February 10

February 2023: Selection of Artist

March 2023: Public Announcement of Selection

March/April 2023: Implementation & Planning Meetings

Spring/Summer 2023: Completed and installed work (weather-dependent)

The timeline will adhere to property status and preparation (if needed) to execute a sculpture when appropriate; including factoring in proper weather conditions. 

Proposals should include:

·       A description of the work including materials and dimensions;

·       Sketches of the work; 

·       A budget including artist fees, supplies and materials, services, and any other costs associated to create the work;

·       Technical skills used related to the material & type of sculpture;

·       Optional artist resume with past commissions, training, courses, or other relevant experience to the work being proposed;

·       Links to or images of examples of past work; and

·       Contact information (including email, phone, and address).

Proposals should be sent electronically (in PDF form) to with the subject line ‘Cheektowaga NY Proposal’, as can questions. Since Town Park is open and available to the public, a site visit can be done at any time necessary.

A panel of qualified, arts and business professionals (including community members of the Town of Cheektowaga and other resident parties) will review proposals for their eligibility and appropriateness for the project

For photographs of the space and additional details, a full RFP can be found at

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