Sunflowers of Solidarity II Benefit Online Art Auction

It’s unfortunate that a second art auction is needed, but this is our current reality and I cannot sit back while Russia continues to invade and terrorize my ancestral homeland. 

Where our first Sunflowers of Solidarity Benefit Art Auction in April 2022 consisted of over 100 artworks connected to the deep symbolism of the sunflower, the scope of our current Call for Work is widened to accept all media/content/genre/dimension. While art connecting to the sunflower is still welcomed and encouraged,  the more art we can auction, the more humanitarian aid we can send to Ukraine.

The sunflower has long been Ukraine’s national flower. Since the start of the war, it has become a symbol of solidarity, resilience, and resistance. 

Our first SOS Benefit Auction raised $36,000 towards the manufacturing of Individual First Aid Kits  (IFAKs) for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. 

SOS II will solely be online from December 5 – 10, 2022.

MAKE ART NOT WAR!! Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні! Геpоям Слава!

For those interested in learning about work created for our 1st SOS Benefit Art Auction in April 2022, here is the FB event page.

Artists can visit to donate works to the online art auction.

SOS II Benefit Online Art Auction will kick off online at 7pm CST on Monday, December 5th and end at 8pm CST on Saturday, December 10th on the platform Clickbid

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