Survey: City of Buffalo Smart Streets Design Plan

Downtown is full of possibilities. In order to better capitalize on the streetscapes – curbs in particular – The City is conducting a study that asks people how to unlock the full potential.

Have you visited other vibrant cities, which successfully activate their curbs? I’m talking about the ones that have managed to figure out the best mix of recreation, transportation, and services.

What does the perfect downtown Buffalo look like? Should it have more smart mobility options (rideshare, dockless bikeshare, etc.)? How about taxi stands, food trucks, recreational spaces, and parklets?

“This study will review how the curb is used to serve people, businesses, and visitors to Downtown Buffalo. The curb is the edge of the street where there is often on-street parking but there could also be bus stops, bikeshare stations, loading zones, etc. This project seeks to set policies and develop one pilot design for how streets and curbs will be repurposed to better serve the future of Buffalo.” – Buffalo Place


Study area for project

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