The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum presents the Thomas Rocket Car

Dreamed up by Charles D. Thomas as part of his GM Institute of Technology graduate program in 1935, the Thomas Rocket Car (circa 1938) was “wise beyond its years with technologies that were decades ahead of the car’s time,” according to Lauren Humphrey, who wrote this article for Genesee County – it’s a fascinating story, and well-worth the read.

It turns out that the prototype car was hand built in a garage located at the corner of Main and Oak in Batavia, before being unsuccessfully pitched to Detroit automakers, upon which time it was left to rust and die in a field in Batavia. Eventually, a herculean restoration process began in 2015, which led to this auspicious point in time.

Now, for the first time, this unusual – and fully restored – classic automobile, once promoted as “The Car of Tomorrow,” and “the floating ride,” will be unveiled at The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum, 201 Seneca at Michigan, downtown.

“Publicity at the time touted that the car had no fenders, no running board, no separation in the center of the floor, no visible door hinges and practically invisible wheels. It has a combination periscope, ventilator and aerial on the top of the car that appears like a windblown fin. Mr. Thomas claimed that the car could make a top speed of 100 miles per hour, and even at that rate, consume only one gallon of gas. Charles D. Thomas went on to be part of the creation of Buffalo’s Playboy automobile in the late 1940s. There will be Playboys on display, including the original 1947 prototype, the single existing 1949, and more. Mr Thomas also designed a military amphibious vehicle, the Cheetah, produced for WWII.” – The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum

Unveiling Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 11:00 AM

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum | 201 Seneca at Michigan, Downtown Buffalo, NY 14203 | | 716-853-0084

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