These hilarious license plates are turning heads on WNY roads

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Life is about balance right? And it seems like the Sabres are the Yin to the Bills’ Yang.

So, a brother-in-law pair decided to play off the team’s stark differences right now and is turning heads on WNY roads.

Ian Wilke got his license plate first. It has the Sabres logo on it with the words ‘ARE BAD’ on it.

“It’s just kind of sad at this point,” Wilke said, talking about the Sabres.

Wilke played hockey growing up and even played during intermission at the old Aud as a kid. He’s been a Sabres fan his whole life, but lately he’s fed up and bought the plate to show his frustration with the team, and give people on the road around him a few laughs.

He’s even kind enough to help people out if he notices a camera in his rearview.

“When I’m parked at a stop sign or stoplight I’ll always check in my rearview mirror to see if anybody’s behind me,” he said. “I just wait a few extra seconds so they can get their good picture.”

Bart Nawojski got his plate that has the Bills logo with ‘R GOOD’ after Wilke got his Sabres plate.

“We actually made a bet where if the Bills would go 4-0, I would get the matching plates to go along with his and I was true to my word,” Nawojski said.

Bart is a massive Bills fan and season ticket holder and said his family bleeds blue and red for the team. He even wore head-to-toe Bills gear for his interview with News 4’s Kelsey Anderson. Ian didn’t wear any blue and gold.

At least once a week, these guys notice drivers and their passengers laughing at their license plates or taking photos.

“Sometimes we intentionally drive next to each other down Transit or a busier street and we’ll get beeps or waves,” Nawojski said.

Wilke said if and when the Sabres start playing better, he’ll get a new license plate and hang the one he has now in his house somewhere.

Nawojski, on the other hand, said his is here to stay.

“They’re good,” he said, talking about the Bills. “They’ve been good to the city, they’ve been good to the fans and that’s something I’ll always keep.”

Kelsey Anderson is an award-winning anchor and reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2018. See more of her work here.

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