“Together We Can Create Something Beautiful”

“Over the weekend at the Elmwood Village Art Festival, we had a poetry tent where festival-goers wrote a line or two of poetry. We put together the lines for this poem about Buffalo. It’s titled, “Together We Can Create Something Beautiful.” – Poet, Justin Karcher

Together We Can Create Something Beautiful

& the poem continues in these uncertain times. We are all 
joined together sharing our talents to fill the beating heart

of this city. Calm down! And feel the breeze of brotherhood, 
sisterhood and otherhood traveling through space and time. 

These memories cascading through air like a song. This place, 
yeah this is where the heart belongs. Beautiful, bucolic Bidwell.

It’s always summer even when it isn’t. Treasure these moments. 
They’ll keep you warm in a foot of snow. I smell the Buffalo wings 

of yesterday emanating from the sewer below. The rats are eating well. 
I chose another way to keep them far from home. Stigma ends 

where community starts. I’ve been awake since 4am. I used to get home 
at 4am. Still figuring out the why to this wake up call. I’m scared 

I won’t walk the walk. Buffalo, you are beautiful. Don’t turn 
your head away. Life’s answers are right before your eyes. 

Eyes that hold back more than you could ever know. Art, music,
poetry, theater. You might take a fall, but what wisdom do you seek 

here in divine community with ourselves and each other? 
Hand in hand? Mother, mother, sister, daughter. Queen City. 

Distorted kicks is a staple. Stars dim with hope. Home. Quiet clouds. 
Gentle rain. Pants ripped. Water likes smoking a joint kayaking 

through the snore of Sunday. It’s not over when the fair ends. 
It’s not over when the Bills start. It’s not over with new streets.

It’s not over. It’s not over. Not yet. Cuz scooter said so.

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