Too Damn Cold & Funky Bike Tour Celebrates Buffalo Music History

Buffalo Bike Tours always manages to come up with unusual – even funky – bike tours that open our eyes to the fun, fantastic, and obscure side of this city. Now, founder and operator Marc Moscato has come up with something that will entice history buffs and music lovers. He’s identified a number of buildings that were old stomping grounds of celebrated Buffalo bands and musicians. By doing so, he’s helped to showcase a new perspective that gives us a tangible way to connect with the music that we love.

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In order to pull off this new Too Damn Cold & Funky Music Tour, Mascato has teamed up with Music is Art on Saturday, September 10, to offer this free tour that is open to everyone thanks to a grant from the Buffalo Awesome Foundation. 

In total, the route will be about 8 miles, and the tour will last approximately 2 hours.

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The Too Damn Cold & Funky Music Tour will not only pay visits to the influential places tied to Buffalo’s musical past, Mascato will also recount the stories that will help to paint a vivid picture of the various acts – the wild stories and the colorful characters. During the tour, there will even be guest visits by local musicians, who will perform songs along the tour route, including members of the Rick James Band! The tour will also highlight the Canawler Days on the Waterfront to how one Buffalo musician ran from the law and became one of the top-selling acts of all time.

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“When people typically think of musical tourism they think of places like Nashville and Harlem,” said Moscato. “Yet, Buffalo has a rich history that often goes ignored. This tour will bring a better understanding of our musical past and foster a sense of pride in the city.”

The bike tour will:

Begin at Buffalo Bike Tours’ Watchman’s Tower (201 South Park at Michigan)Travel Buffalo’s bike paths and streets to visit historical sites of importanceVisit current musical landmarks such as the Colored Musician’s Club, Town Ballroom, and Babeville

What: Too Damn Cold & Funky Bike Tour 

When: Saturday, September 10th, 2pm-4pm

Where: Tour meets at the Watchman’s Tower (201 South Park at Michigan)

Bike rentals are also available for rent for those without bikes

After the tour, Buffalo Bike Tours will consider ways in which the tour can be offered on more of a regular basis. A self-guided tour will be available via the Ride With GPS app and a free playlist will be available on Spotify. While the tour is free, registration is required (click here to register).

Lead image: Goo Goo Dolls – Superstar Car Wash

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