Two volunteers for India Walton’s mayoral campaign promised to get a Chivetta’s tattoo if they raised $750 for the campaign. Here’s what happened.

(WIVB) – Two volunteers for India Walton’s mayoral campaign have some skin in the game- literally.

Taylor Fulton and Jane Branicky pledged on Twitter over the weekend that if they could raise $750 for Walton’s campaign, they would get a tattoo of an anthropomorphic Chivetta’s bottle (wearing shorts).

The idea and the design were a result of a couple of running jokes between Fulton and a few friends, she said.

“We didn’t realize what was going to happen- we thought we’d get $100, $200, so we set the bar kind of low at $750,” Fulton said. “As the day went on, more and more people started donating, so we thought ‘guess we’re really doing this!'”

The donations (the receipts of which are posted in the Twitter thread) are just under $1,400 as of Wednesday afternoon.

“I think that [Walton’s] campaign has really inspired a lot of people I know who aren’t really politically active,” Fulton, a City of Buffalo resident who moved from Derby about a year ago, said. “For a younger voter like myself, to see a candidate who inspires us and has a clear vision for education, housing, police reform- a lot of issues that have touched our city, that’s inspiring.”

“Taylor and Jane are volunteers for our campaign, and they’re fabulous. This kind of commitment and energy around our campaign is proof that people are willing to go to great lengths to see change in the City of Buffalo,” Walton said in a statement on Wednesday. “It’s absolutely amazing, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen as a voter.”

The pair are now working with a tattoo artist to rework the design and schedule an appointment, though Fulton says they’re hoping to get it done in a month.

The mayoral primary election in the City of Buffalo is June 22.


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