Vive Shelter in Buffalo gives asylum seekers hope

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Asylum-seekers from around the world have a new pathway to hope right here in Western New York, called the Vive Shelter.

Vive focuses on supplying food, housing, legal services and children’s programs for asylum seekers from all over the world. Jericho Road is now trying to raise $6 million to buy and renovate a new building to serve these individuals. West Herr CEO Scott Bieler has kicked off the capitol campaign with a large donation.

“56 rooms in there, families are going to have a place to stay. This is so remarkably better, I can’t wait until they are here,” Bieler said.

The new shelter will be open at 1500 Main Street in Buffalo. It’s expected to be fully operational by the spring.

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