VOICE Buffalo works to get people to the polls for early voting

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Throughout the county, there are dozens of locations that, starting Saturday, will be open for early voting.

In the City of Buffalo, there are ten early voting locations — the Delavan Grider Community Center is one of them.

The polls closed at 6 p.m. on the first day of early voting Saturday, but a few hours earlier the community center was jamming with people.

Early voting sites for Erie County primary announced

It was the “Souls to the Polls” event, hosted by VOICE Buffalo. There were guest speakers, music, and lots of cheering and chanting. It was all in an effort to drive folks to the polls — early.

Event officials say it was also their goal to motivate changes in voting habits.

“Many of the issues that are going up to vote with these elections right now involve policies that directly impact the people on the East Side of Buffalo. We know that historically votership has been quite low, and we really want to change that in our communities,” said Mark Glasgow, president of the Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals.

“What we’re doing out here today, is just bringing out our community, so that we can vote on the first day of early voting. This is the first primary for local elections and we’re super excited and so we’ve come out as a community to make sure that we’re exercising our voice, taking back out power, and voting here today,” added Rev. Denise Walden VOICE Buffalo.

Early voting goes through June 20 and the primary day is on June 22.

Voters don’t have to vote in their neighborhood — they can vote at any polling location in the county.

Early voting sites for Erie County primary announced

You can also hand deliver completed absentee ballots at any early voting locations.

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