Williamsville School District celebrates graduation and end to a tumultuous school year

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Local high school students are celebrating the end of a very challenging school year. The Williamsville School District hosted its graduation Saturday.

These students started the year remotely, before shifting back to in-person learning, getting the chance to finish high school with their friends. We stopped by Will North’s ceremony this morning.

Graduates say even with the challenges, the year flew by.

“I feel like we kind of got cheated out of the year. But everyone has been working hard to give us, like even with the challenges, they worked hard we got out prom, we got a lot of events, and so I think we made the most of it even though it was not ideal,” said graduate Benjamin.

“If we all managed to get through the year and all graduate and walk across the stage. I think that we’re pretty different from the rest,” added graduating senior Ciana.

Williamsville had an especially challenging year. You might remember, the district’s school year started with controversy, as it struggled to open in the midst of the pandemic.

Former Williamsville School Superintendent Scott Martzloff resigns

It eventually led to the resignation of former superintendent, Dr. Scott Martzloff.

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