Within Reach: Smart Streets Design Plan Community Event

Imagine the city of Buffalo has a city with smart infrastructure supporting new transportation tech like e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars!

On Thursday, September 28 (6pm-8pm), Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning invites people to attend a Smart Street Design public meeting to discuss existing street and infrastructure conditions, while exploring the benefits of Smart Streets. As the world advances to more “futuristic” forms of transportation modes, our city’s infrastructure must keep up with the swiftly changing times. What might seem like a good idea right now, might not be a good idea ten years from now. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get ahead of the curve, by researching best practices.

Buffalo’s Race for Place is about “advancing the City of Buffalo and the Western New York region by supporting talent attraction and our modern workforce through the creation of innovative and attractive environments—both indoors and out.”

“This effort is a big deal for talent attraction and infrastructure development in the City of Buffalo. Buffalo’s Race for Place is an outside-the-box strategy that demonstrates the type of aggressive response that regions must undertake to stay relevant in the global race for talent, while at the same time ensuring economic equity and inclusivity.” – Brandye Merriweather, Vice President, BUDC

The upcoming Smart Street Design public meeting (part of a series) is being held at Seneca One Tower.

The overall focus if the Race for Place initiative includes:

Advancement of the downtown infrastructure plan, streetscape improvements, and placemaking in key investment corridors and nodes

The strengthening of anchors located along the Main Street “Knowledge Corridor”

Progressive land-use policies that prioritize traffic calming, demand and load management, and pedestrian and bicycle friendly activity, as well as promotion of public transit usage, and continuation of Cars Sharing Main Street

Implementation of additional Smart City technology solutions and capabilities within such corridors and beyond

Additive public safety solutions to further community and new resident confidence

Increased urban vibrancy and activation through implementation and feedback inputs from citizens and employees/employers (via City of Buffalo, Buffalo Urban Development Corporation, and community outreach)

Integration with existing talent attraction activities, organizations, and region-wide campaigns, such as Be in Buffalo

Within Reach: Smart Streets Design Plan

The community event and meeting will feature a presentation showing the city of Buffalo’s potential as a city that supports a range of e-transportation modes and services.

Along with the presentation, there will be e-demonstrations, vendors, and interactive activities.

The event is free. Click here to register.

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