Zaire Goodman, family hold book club giveaway

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — We are just a few days from when many kids will return to classroom, another backpack giveaway was held on Saturday.

Backpacks they were going quick today at the Apollo Media Center. They were stuffed with back to school supplies and personal care items.

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News 4 spoke with Zeneta Everhart, the mother of Zaire Goodman, who was seriously injured in the Tops mass shooting. She and her son launched a book club initiative after the mass shooting and began distributing those books today.

“Zaire and I decided that we were going to do something to teach the world about diversity and so we created a wish list and people from around the world, literally around the world, as far as like Australia donated books and so we’re giving those books out to kids today,” Everhart said.

Zaire and Zenetta collected more than 10,000 books from across the country on African-American history and diversity. They are planning more book giveaways.

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