2023 WNY Hiking Challenge

Hiking can be challenging. But’s what’s life without some challenges? As for hiking, it is also rewarding. And what better place than WNY to experience some of nature’s most exhilarating and rewarding hikes?

This past Sunday, I headed to the Niagara Gorge with some friends, and I must say that it was one of the best outdoor adventures that I have had in a long time. I was lucky enough to have a trusty guide, who was a lot more familiar with the Gorge than I was. The trek was so amazing that I am now committed to hiking every Sunday for the foreseeable future.

For people that are looking for similar adventures, but are in need of a motivational push, they might consider taking part in The WNY Hiking Challenge.

“This year’s challenge features 32 trails plus 2 bonus trails,” said organizer Mike Radomski – Outside Chronicles. “The Challenge is designed for all hiking levels from beginner to expert. It will take you to places in WNY that you never knew existed. Not only does it get people outside into nature, it raises money for some great organizations.  We also added a new stewardship component this year that has participants engaging in tasks that will improve the trails and leave them better than we found them.”

This Challenge helps people to get outside, while having fun and exercising. And now that the weather is more conducive to hiking, there is no better way to interact with the great outdoors.

“The WNY Hiking Challenge was designed to get people outside and benefit from all of the positives of being in nature,” Radomski pointed out. “Many hikers have seen the benefits of being outside; several have used the hiking challenge to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.  Others have used the challenge to reconnect with friends and family members.  And others have used it to get into better shape.  There are a couple of individuals that have used hiking to lose significant amounts of weight.  One individual even used the challenge as a motivation to beat cancer.”

To date, the organization has raised over $263,000 for local conservation and environmental organizations. That’s an impressive number, which is an even bigger motivator for people to join in the hiking exercise.

To learn more and/or participate, this year’s Challenge is found at

^ Photos courtesy Mike Radomski

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