2024 Buffalo Reading Invasion

There are some events that I post every year, because I feel that they are very grassroots in nature, open to everyone, free, educational, family-oriented, and Buffalo-centric.

The annual Reading Invasion is one of those events. Each year, book enthusiasts gather together to promote the beloved pastime of reading.

2024 marks the 12th year that this event series has taken place, thanks to the superb coordination efforts of Geoff Schutte, whose goal is to activate public spaces throughout Buffalo by encouraging people to get together to read.

“Please join us on Wednesday June 12th from 7pm – 8pm to kick off this new season. We will be gathering in the same place we do every June: at Bidwell Parkway along Elmwood Avenue. Please bring a book and bring a friend, and join us for an hour of reading, relaxing, and gathering in one of our most beautiful city spaces.” – Geoff Schutte

For additional information, visit and Facebook.

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