388 Bills caps and counting: Dedicated Bills fan grows his collection every day

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Terry Coburn has been a dedicated Bills fan since the day he was born, and you might have seen him roaming around Western New York in his Buffalo Bills truck.

“I can’t tell you how many times, ‘do you work for the Bills? Do you play for the Bills?’ Just stuff like that, I’m like ‘no, I’m just one of those crazy fans like you guys,'” Coburn said.

He’s always on the mission to find more even more Buffalo Bills gear.

“Anywhere I go, I always look to see if they have Bills stuff,” Coburn said.

“Even on our wedding day, Terry was decked out,” said Ami Coburn, Terry’s wife. “I don’t think he comes out of Bills gear too often. He even had a tattoo put on his leg.”

When you see Terry, he may be decked out in Bills gear from his head to his toes, but his hat collection stands out the most.

Coburn has 388 Bills hats in his collection, and with every cap collected, his love for the Bills grows.

“There’s 7 to 8 of them that I wear, but most of them have not been touched by a human head in years,” Terry said.

From baseball caps to hats that light up, one of his hats has more sentimental meaning than the others.

“My dad wore this religiously to Bills games,” Terry said as he held a blue cowboy hat in his hands. “When he passed away in 1997, his wife gave me a few Bills stuff that he had, and this was one of them.”

That hat sits alongside 387 others, filling his “fan cave” with a variety of designs from over the years. According to Terry, there are 388 more he’d like to collect.

“Probably not going to stop until the day I die, it’s just something I do, it’s been my passion,” Terry said.

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388 Bills caps and counting: Dedicated Bills fan grows his collection every day
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