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Forge Buffalo, an extension of 43North and the go-to resource for connecting talent with startups and tech companies in the 716, is making people’s access to jobs within those fields that much easier. We are seeing growth amidst Buffalo’s start-up community like never before, and the team at Forge is there to answer all of your questions and keep opportunities coming your way.

Looking to connect with Buffalo’s fastest-growing startups and tech companies? Want to learn how you can make your resume stand out from the crowd? Need a new headshot or advice on what to wear to your next interview? The team is bringing Buffalo’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies to Seneca One Tower on Monday, October 25 from 3 pm – 6 pm for the 716 Career Fair.

This event is designed to assist in giving you all the tips and tricks about applying for your next job, and a chance to chat with some of the most successful start-ups in the city.

Connect with nearly 50 of the fastest-growing companies in Buffalo
Learn about local job openings and opportunities
Receive personalized resume advice, interview tips and more from the staffing experts at Viaduct
Get tips on how to dress for startup success from social media influencer Sweet and Dirty Vintage
Have a professional photographer take a headshot photo
Enjoy a networking happy hour that kicks off at 5 pm

Feeling out of touch in the job or career that you have chosen? Take a leap of faith and see just what these companies have to offer. Forge is working to bust the myths surrounding startups and paving the way when it comes to looking for a career that is right for you!

“I think the biggest change coming out of the pandemic, outside of the obvious ability to have a remote workforce, is the mindset. People are realizing they don’t want to sit at a corporate nine to five and just check a box. They’ve done that for long enough in life and are beginning to want something that offers them more,” says Forge Buffalo’s Christian Gaddis.

For more information about the 716 Career Fair, or all the opportunities Forge Buffalo has to offer visit their website at

Forge Buffalo presents
716 Career Fair

Monday, October 25 | 3 pm – 6 pm
Seneca One Tower | Buffalo, NY

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