Assembly Judiciary Chair: Cuomo probe report completion expected ‘very soon’

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Assembly Judiciary Committee’s probe report on allegations leveled at former Governor Andrew Cuomo could be completed “very soon.” The Committee is looking at sexual harassment claims, but also other issues like whether he used state resources to produce his book

In March, the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee launched an impeachment investigation into then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. Though Cuomo has since resigned, the Committee has said it will still produce a report on its findings.

In a statement, Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Lavine said, “The… Committee is making great progress preparing the report of its investigation of the former Governor.  The Committee expects completion to be very soon.”

In August, members of the Committee had a chance to review evidence in Albany. 

Members say they have not yet seen a draft of the report in the works. “I think the investigators are completing their work and are going to be putting together a draft of a report that’s going to be reviewed with the Judiciary Committee as a whole,” Assemblymember Mary Beth Walsh said.

The Judiciary Committee report is anticipated to be more exhaustive than the Attorney General’s August report which had a narrow focus on the sexual harassment claims. 

Judiciary Committee Member Phil Steck told us on Wednesday that Cuomo’s lawyer had sent the committee a letter calling the Attorney General’s report “biased.” But, Steck says the Attorney General’s Office “did an excellent job.” “I read the Attorney General’s report from stem to stern and I felt it was very well documented. They addressed most of the arguments that the Governor’s Office was making,” he said.

Walsh and Steck also say no meeting of the committee has been scheduled yet. 

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