Big Reveal: 450 Franklin Street Renovations

A Franklin Street carriage house will emerge gain new living space and more sunlight under plans being reviewed by the Preservation Board today.  Owners Kashyup Revalli and Lauren Derhodge have retained architect Seth Amman of Arch + Type to design the project located at 450 Franklin Street in Allentown.  The building is adjacent to Fat Bob’s Smokehouse along Franklin Place.

From the Application:

Project to include the restoration of previously blocked up carriage house door opening on the ground floor.  The garage spaces will be converted to occupiable spaces and the reconstructed doors will mimic historic ones yet be fixed and include windows for natural light.  The reconstructed door will be wood and finished with a black pain to match existing trim of the exterior.

The current residence has two bedrooms and two baths with 1,652 sq.ft. of living space.

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