Buffalo Barkery introduces Private Shopping Experience for Reactive Dogs

I used to have a reactive dog. I still do. But I used to too. While trying out a little Mitch Hedberg humor, I must say that there’s nothing overly funny about having a dog that is easily stressed or overwhelmed when in public settings. The reason that I chose the Hedberg line, is that it’s true. I’ve had a couple of dogs in my life that didn’t get along great with other dogs… and I still have one.

When choosing a puppy, or even saving a rescue dog, you never know exactly what sort of temperament that puppy/dog will one day have. While I would never go back in time and reverse my decisions to get the dogs that would become my beloved family members, I do wish that I could have done more to ease the stress that they had/have around other dogs. And I feel that I’m darn good with dogs, as I’ve been around them my entire life. It’s just that some dogs are trickier than others… and sometimes you have to adjust your lifestyle to ensure that they lead a relatively stress-free life.

Buffalo Barkery is committed to providing a stress-free environment where every dog can feel comfortable and safe.

One of the things that reactive dogs miss out on is trips to the pet store. A visit to the pet store, for most dogs, is the cat’s meow. But there is one thing for certain – you are almost always guaranteed to bump into another dog, quite literally. Throw in a shop that is filled with dog toys and treats, and an agitated dog or two, and you’ve got the recipe for a showdown.

I’ve tried to take my reactive dogs into pet stores before, but it’s almost guaranteed that there will be some goofy dog that comes bounding down the aisle. And that’s Ok, because I’m the one that’s supposed to be on-guard, which means that I’m the one that will quickly turn around and leave. Of course my dog doesn’t understand what happened – he/she only knows that what was supposed to be an exciting adventure turned out to be a disappointing outing.

When I heard that Buffalo Barkery was launching an exclusive, free, private shopping experience tailored specifically for reactive dogs, I was thrilled. Instead of denying my dogs a trip to get treats, and/or a toy, they will now get to come along for the ride.

During these private sessions (no other dogs or people, other than employees), reactive dogs and their owners will have the entire store to themselves, ensuring a quiet and undisturbed shopping experience.

“At Buffalo Barkery, we believe that all dogs deserve to enjoy the simple pleasures of shopping for treats and toys without feeling stressed or overwhelmed,” said Maggie Lamparelli, co-owner of Buffalo Barkery. “Our private shopping experience for reactive dogs is designed to cater to their specific needs, providing a calm and supportive environment where they (and their owners) can feel at ease.”

“Reactive dogs are good dogs, too, and it’s important to us that they have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest,” Lamparelli added. “By offering private shopping, we hope to foster a sense of security and confidence in these dogs while strengthening the bond between them and their owners.”

Buffalo Barkery’s free private shopping experience for reactive dogs is available by appointment, allowing pet owners to schedule a convenient time to visit the store and indulge their furry friends in a stress-free shopping spree. To book a private session or learn more about Buffalo Barkery’s commitment to pet wellness and happiness, visit or contact them at 716-984-1060.

Lead image: Scout says “Woof!”

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