Buffalo to Host USCAA Basketball Championships: Expects A Boon for Local Tourism

Buffalo – already known for its vibrant culture and bustling sports scene – is set to add another feather to its cap by hosting the USCAA Basketball Small College National Championships in March 2025 and 2026. This event, said to be “a significant draw for the city,” is expected to attract around 2,000 visitors and inject an estimated $2.1 million into the local economy.

The United States Collegiate Athletic Association’s Basketball Small College National Championships bring together the best in small college basketball. Around 800 players from 32 teams, representing schools across 20 states, will compete in the tournaments. It’s an event that promises intense competition and showcases the talents of student-athletes from across the nation.

Hosting the championships in Buffalo is more than just a sports event; it’s a catalyst for economic growth. Visitors are anticipated to spend significantly in local hotels, restaurants, and attractions, providing a substantial boost to the economy during an off-peak season. With a rich basketball history (that continues to make incremental splashes, including the arrival of Buffalo Extreme), Buffalo is an ideal location for such a high-profile event.

Buffalo is no stranger to hosting major sports events. The city has successfully managed NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball events on several occasions, demonstrating its capability to host large-scale sports tournaments. This experience, combined with the enthusiasm of local organizers, makes Buffalo an attractive destination for such events.

That said, can we please bring the Gus Macker back to Niagara Square? Someone needs to pick up this ball and run (dribble) with it!

But we digress… onto greener pastures.

The championships will offer more than just basketball. Visitors can indulge in the city’s unique local culinary scene, including the original Buffalo chicken wings (a saucy tale that continues to unfold), and explore attractions like the Buffalo AKG Art Museum and Sabres hockey games.

The majority of the tournament will take place at the SUNY Erie Community College’s Burt Flickinger Athletic Center, a 2,700-seat arena with a rich history, having been built for the 1993 World University Games. Additionally, Villa Maria College will host games at its newly renovated campus facilities. The Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission, alongside local colleges like Bryant & Stratton College’s Buffalo campus, will play a pivotal role in organizing the event.

Buffalo’s selection as the host city is a testament to its reputation as a welcoming, inclusive sports destination. With its array of venues for arts, culture, and music, new waterfront parks, historic architecture, and a thriving theater district, Buffalo offers a complete package for visitors.

As Buffalo gears up to host the USCAA Basketball Small College National Championships, the city continues to re-energize itself in ways that tell a story of resilience and fortitude.

The upcoming USCAA Championships are not just a celebration of sports but a significant opportunity for Buffalo to showcase its rich culture, hospitality, and economic potential. As Patrick Kaler, president and CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara, aptly puts it, “There’s never been a better time to come to Buffalo.”

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